About the Founder


A word from the Founder, Christine Curtis

Ressentir started out as a way for me to prepare for an unexpected blessing. I wanted to create a body oil for stretch marks in anticipation for a new addition to my family. Unfortunately, I discovered that my time to be a mother had not arrived. 

What I knew even then, is that this idea couldn't stop and that this experience was the fire I needed to explore myself.  

So I began researching ways to create skincare products to help with my eczema. One serum, turned into two creams, and then into an entire line many months later.

Three years later, I have helped hundreds discover their own new glow. You, and your support, mean the world to me. Together we are rediscovering what it means to “ressentir”- to feel again.

We are rediscovering what it means to deepen our love for self, for each other, and this environment. Your purchase and support of Ressentir means that you too are committed to self-exploration, to quality, and community.

We are in this together and I am thankful that you are an extension of my family.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. 

With Love,