Ressentir FAQs

1. Can the products be used even if I don’t have eczema?

         Yes, the products are curated for eczema, but made for everyone.

2. Will any of the Ressentir skincare products cause dryness or irritation after first use?

         Everyone’s skin type is different. While dryness and irritation is not a common side effect, we strongly advise all consumers to spot test each product before use.

3.  Should the 2Refine Serum System be used every day?

        The 2Refine Serum System can be used every day, however, we advocate the importance of knowing your skin’s daily needs. Please adjust usage accordingly.  

4. Does the 2Renew AM Face Cream contain SPF?

        Our 2Renew AM Face Cream does not contain SPF.

5. Can I combine my own personal SPF with the 2Renew AM Face Cream?

       Absolutely! We encourage SPF in your daily routine.

6. Can the 2Refresh Cleansers be used on my child?

      We ask that you first consult your child’s physician. Please be sure to review all ingredients and before any use, spot test each product.

7. Can the Sugar & Butter Body Scrub be used after waxing?

     We do not encourage the Sugar & Butter Body Scrub to be used after a recent waxing due to the potential abrasiveness on the skin. We do, however, encourage post use after one to two days. Please consult with your waxing professional.

8.  Can the 2Refresh Cleansers be used on the entire body?

      We recognize that our cleansers are being considered for multi-uses, but we do recommend that they are used as facial products only. However, we have listened to your feedback and are currently developing a whipped body wash to fulfill your full body needs. Please stay connected with us on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of its release.

9.  Can I alternate between the 2Refresh Gel Cleanser and 2Refresh Cream Cleanser?

      Absolutely! Understanding your skin’s needs, you may have use for one cleanser over the other (2Refresh Gel Cleanser balances out moisture and the  2Refresh Cream Cleanser increases moisture).

 10. When may I start to see results once using the entire Ressentir system?

      While customers have reported to see results within 14 days, results may vary. We encourage everyone to trust the process. 

11. Does the 2Revive Eye Cream help with under-eye puffiness?

      Yes, it does. Coffee bean and carrot oil have been specifically added to combat this concern.

12. Are the products safe to use if I’m pregnant or nursing?

      Please consult your physician and discuss usage of any Ressentir products.

13. Can the products be combined with other skincare brands?

      Our products have been curated to work in conjunction with each other. While you may use other brands, for best results we encourage using the Ressentir Complete system only.

14. In what order should I apply Ressentir skincare products?

       Please follow the numbered labels and/or review the product instructions provided on the website and on the bottle.